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Find Your Possible...


We all have a unique set of skills, experience and abilities, sometimes we just need a little help to identify them, develop them and apply them.   Sometimes its good to learn a new skill or do something in a different way.

Just One Sea is all about enabling you to swim in open water, building confidence, knowledge and ability, to help you ‘find your possible’.   I have a love of swimming in the sea and a passion for personal development.

Based on the South Devon coast providing open water swim coaching for all levels from heads up dipping, through swimming for fitness, to taking on your first challenge and tweaking technique for speed. 


Tailored to your goals and how your body works, together we will figure out the most efficient swimming stroke and technique for you.


At Just One Sea, swimming is swimming whether it’s swimming costume or wetsuit, swim hat or bobble hat, in the sea, in the wild or in the pool. Whether you take a dip in the sea for wellbeing, swim for fitness or race competitively, the focus is developing a lifelong skill which supports physical, mental and emotional health. 

Swim Sessions



One to one and small group sessions are tailored to your goals and to suit your ability. 


Open water sessions take place on the South Devon coast in and around the Erme and Yealm estuaries.  Mothecombe beach provides a range of swimming conditions to develop your open water technique.


Pool based skills sessions will take place in/near Ivybridge, Devon.  These will help you build confidence and technique to maximise your swimming experience in the open water.


How much?

Individual tailored sessions from £35.  Rates available for multiple sessions, small groups and longer accompanied swims.


Your Health and Safety.

To get the most out of your sessions, you will need to complete a health questionnaire.  There will also be a few questions about your current swimming ability and experience. This information will help me make your sessions appropriate and relevant and ensure that any additional support or equipment is available.

Swim it

Stroke analysis and development - Understand how you move through the water, identify what happens when you swim, what works well and develop a stroke or technique that works best for you.

Breathing - Learn about the most important swimming skill and develop a technique that works best for you.

Sighting - See where you are going and what’s happening around you.


Where practical video analysis can be used to show you what happens when you are swimming.

Challenge it

Event preparation.

In preparation for your first event, competitive race or personal challenge, we will work together to create a realistic and effective training plan, skills development and practice sessions, kit lists and ‘what if’ scenarios and strategies to help you during these events. 

Embrace it

Introduction to open water swimming.

Learn how bodies and minds react when entering the water, what is cold shock and how to manage it,  how to acclimatise to cold water over time, getting in and out safely, getting shoulders and even your head into the water, develop your own kit list and learn how the coastal environment can impact swimming.

Enjoy it

Accompanied/guided swims and mini adventures with coaching tips on the move.

Ideal for those who want to swim out a bit further, around the corner or over to the other side and those wanting real time feedback on stroke efficiency.

Available at Mothecombe Beach, South Devon.  

Other swim spots around the Erme and Yealm Estuaries and the wider South Devon coast available on request.

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Open water swimming sessions for you

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